About Me

Chris McGee

My name is Chris McGee and I currently live in Lexington, KY. I am thirty-five years old and am the Sign Department Manager for Wildcat Wearhouse.

I first became fascinated with computer graphics when I saw the Disney filmTron in 1982. The idea of creating a virtual world that no one had seen before and being able to explore it in many ways was (and is) extremely compelling. I knew, at that moment, exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

I completed my Associate’s Degree in Computer Graphic Design at Spencerian College in 2008, where I learned how to focus my imagination to produce various 2D and 3D projects. In 2011, I graduated from Sullivan University with 4.0 GPA in Business and IT. I am a very detail-oriented person who has strong artistic and computer skills, and the ability to work well with people from all sorts of backgrounds. In addition, I have started up two attractive and user-friendly web sites from scratch with Dreamweaver.

I am currently employed at Wildcat Wearhouse, where I have helped to streamline their production process and increase profitability. In my spare time I have also created several 3D scenes and animations utilizing the latest versions of 3DS Max and Poser, as well as crafting videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I am currently also a co-host and organizer for the Trekosophy podcast.

Because I am so fascinated with computer-generated imagery, you can see why I am very interested in finding a position in this field. If you wish to discuss with me the potential to join your crew then please contact me at your earliest convenience.